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WWI Light Horse Officers Horseshoe Pouch
WWI Light Horse Officers Horseshoe Pouch

This is a genuine WWI issued item, not a replica.

All Light Horse troops (and most mounted infantry) were issued with a pouch that holds 2 spare horseshoes and the necessary nails. This enabled the soldier to re-shoe his mount immediately and keep moving without the need to wait for a farrier. There were 5 variants of these pouches. This is an officer's issue and is different from the regular soldier's pouch in that it does not have the long cover flap or sword carrier.

The pouch has been cleaned and has had leather dressing applied. Considering that it is a genuine WWI issue, the leather and stitching are in excellent condition and will suit any serious collector or re-enactor.

Please Note:The photos are of an ammo pouch as described, but the actual item may vary in colour and markings to the one in the photo.

Price: AU$50.00 (AU$55.00 inc.GST)
US$38.16 35.38 ¥4,223
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