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90 Round 1902 Pattern MKII Bandoleer
90 Round 1902 Pattern MKII Bandoleer

This is an accurate replica of the 1902 Pattern MK II 90 Round Bandoleer.

These bandoleers were worn by the famous Light Horse troops. The troopers usually wore a bandoleer across the shoulder and two or more around the horse's neck. The number of bandoleers a trooper would carry would largely depend on the field of operation and the distance from re-supply.

The bandoleer is made from high quality vegetable tanned leather and the fittings are solid brass replicas of original period fittings. The ammunition pockets are a lighter weight leather printed with willow grain pattern of the period.

Please Note:These bandoleers are made to order only and take 2-3 weeks to deliver.

Price: AU$190.91 (AU$210.00 inc.GST)
US$145.71 135.09 ¥16,125
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